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“Kikigaki” (“Listening and Documenting”) Oral History Textbook

“Kikigaki” (“Listening and Documenting”) Oral History Textbook

UNU-IAS ISI, in collaboration with the Network for Coexistence with Nature (NCN), produced a textbook for oral history titled “Listening and Documenting – ‘Kikigaki‘: A Tool for Sharing Wisdom for Sustainable Societies”, in a collaborative activity under the International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative (IPSI).


The textbook is based on the “kikigaki” method that NCN has been carrying out in Japan, in which high school students visit elderly masters who are engaged in primary industries and lead traditional and ecologically-friendly lifestyles in rural areas of Japan. The students record and transcribe the masters’ descriptions of their lives and skills.


More detailed information on the production of the textbook and the IPSI collaborative activity are available on the IPSI website here.


The textbook itself is available for download at the links below: