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    Connecting People through the Blessings of Satoyama and Satoumi

    Duration: 6.30 --- 03/04/2018

    UNU-IAS and the company e-front have been working together on a project that aims to use the satoyama and satoumi of the Urato Islands in Japan to create opportunities for people to interact and revitalise farmland that is increasingly being abandoned. This video introduces the project and how it has made an impact on the islands’ people.

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    The Satoyama Initiative and Eco-DRR

    Duration: 18.28 --- 26/10/2017

    A presentation given by Mr. William Dunbar of UNU-IAS ISI at the IUCN Asia “Forum for Advancing Eco-DRR into Sustainable Development”, 24 May 2017, Bangkok, Thailand.

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    Bouncing Back from Disaster – Working with Nature to Create a Brighter Future for the Urato Islands

    Duration: 14.44 --- 09/10/2015

    This video captures a portrait of people engaged in community recovery featuring the abundant nature of satoyama and satoumi on and around the Urato Islands, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.

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    Forest Management in Practice – Danuohei village in China –

    Duration: 11.17 --- 29/01/2014

    Positive interdependent relationship between the Sani people (Chinese minority group) and their living environment

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    The Secret to High Quality Tea

    Duration: 13.15 --- 01/07/2012

    The harmonious balance between tea production and biodiversity conservation which has been maintained over years

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    Striving to Restore the way of Life. Kirikiri, Otsuchi-cho, Iwate Japan

    Duration: 14.58 --- 18/04/2012

    A record of the rebuilding process of the way of life of the people in Kirikiri, Otsuchi-cho, Iwate Japan

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    From Mountain to Sea: A Vision to Rebuild Tohoku

    Duration: 10.19 --- 24/11/2011

    Applying Satoyama Initiative concepts to the rebuilding of Japan’s Tohoku region after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami

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    Nature’s Bounty and Inheriting Wisdom

    Duration: 14.10 --- 23/08/2010

    Modern and traditional practices work hand in hand for sustainable farming

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    Life in a Vibrant Satoyama Forest

    Duration: 10:35 --- 28/09/2009

    Sustainable forest management is one of the practices used in maintaining Satoyama landscapes. This video introduces two entrepreneurs who employ both traditional knowledge and scientific advancement to support the biological diversity of their forests and mountains.